jules’ current activities

In addition to her research… jules is:

Director and Secretary of Blue Skies Research Ltd

Private company, “for research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering”.

Co-ordinating PMIP Past to Future (P2F) working group

Paleoclimate modellers have for many years argued the importance of paleoclimate simulations as a means of increasing understanding of the climate system. However, it is only in the latest iteration of the climate model inter-comparison project (CMIP5) that paleoclimate runs have been officially included. This means that, for the first time, there exists a coherent ensemble of climate models run for past climates, recent historical, control and future scenarios.

This working group seeks to help climate scientists make the best use of this unique situation, so that they may better use past climate information from models and data to learn about future climates.

Chief Executive Editor of Geoscientific Model Development 

From the GMD website:
Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of the description, development and evaluation of numerical models of the Earth System and its components. Manuscript types considered for peer-reviewed publication are:

  • Geoscientific model descriptions, from box models to GCMs;
  • Development and Technical papers, describing development such as new parameterisations or technical aspects of running models such as the reproducibility of results;
  • Papers describing new standard experiments for assessing model performance, or novel ways of comparing model results with observational data;
  • Model intercomparison descriptions, including experimental details and project protocols.

– see our recently updated manuscript criteria and editorial!

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