James Annan

My main focus is future climate change, and I’ve developed and used a range of methods for investigating this, including creating and using ensembles of climate models, with a strong emphasis on the use of paleoclimate simulations for model evaluation. I was the 2nd most highly cited scientist from Japan in the recent Working Group 1 section of the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC (the most highly cited scientist from Japan can be found here).

Currently my research has two main strands, which are: (1) understanding and using paleoclimate information (both model simulations and data from proxy archives, or paleosensors, or whatever the name-du-jour happens to be) in order to validate and improve model-based predictions of climate change, and (2) interpreting and using multi-model ensembles such as CMIP(n). I’ll try to fill out this section gradually as my new research takes shape…

My current publications page is here, and for some more details of my past research, please also take a look at my previous workpage and publications

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