We are Julia Hargreaves and James Annan. From 2014 we are located in the UK and engaged in independent research related to past and future climate change.

In August 2014 we bought a house in Settle, moving 20 miles and a valley south-east, from the Lune to the Ribble, and from Lancashire into Yorkshire.

Ingleborough, the middle of the “Three Peaks” is not far away to the north-west:


Malham Cove is a natural feature situated a few miles away, over a steep hill to the east of Settle. It is perhaps made relatively less impressive by existence of the large quarries near Settle and Ingleton.MalhamCove-1

And here’s our house, reflecting in its windows the rarely absent Blue Skies!BlueSkiesReflections-1

From December 2013 to August 2014 we were located in the Lune Valley in the North West of England, UK. This was our view of the river Lune.


In 2013 we made a much bigger move from Japan to the UK. Since 2001, we had been working at the same place (although it changed name several different names) in Yokohama, Japan, as senior scientists at the Research Institute for Global Change, JAMSTEC.

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