Settled! A home for BlueSkiesResearch!

Eight months minus a day since our return to the UK, we completed on our new house in Settle. James already had a trip to Belgium planned (hopefully he will write something about it soon), so it was another couple of weeks before we started moving in earnest. We are now sufficiently settled to do several hours work a day, which is nice. Doing science at our computers is pleasant relief from scrubbing the very grubby house and wondering what to do with all our stuff. Anyone need any appliances which run on 100V?

Here is the house. It is an old Roman Catholic chapel, built around 1870, after Catholicism was re-established in the mid 1800s, then converted to a house in the 1970s or 1980s when the congregation moved to a new building nearer the town centre.


And here is the local pub, which seems to have 6 local beers on tap, different ones every time we have visited.


It has been unremittingly sunny since we arrived. This climate scientist thinks it can’t last much longer.

3 thoughts on “Settled! A home for BlueSkiesResearch!

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  2. Good luck with the new residence. From the picture it looks like it has been renovated relatively recently so you shoudl avoid all the “fun” of old buildings renovated in the 1950s when people seemed a little unclear on concepts like insulation and the earth wire.

    There are (or were, I haven’t been in the area for 20+ years) a number of good pubs within cycling distance. Some of them – the Marton Arms just outside Ingleton for example – have (had) a ridiculous variety of beer on offer. They tended to be filled with cavers, rock-climbers and other out-doorsy sorts at the weekends but were rather empty midweek while the beer selection remaiend equally good.

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